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Spanish School eec

Study Spanish Abroad at EEC Spanish School in Peru! 

Learn about the cultural differences among Latinos and prepare yourself to effectively interact and conduct business with people from Latin countries

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Obtain international accreditation of your proficiency in spanish. Present the DELE in Lima, Peru and gain a diploma from the Cervantes Institute from Spain.

Study spanish abroad with the best professors at EEC Spanish School.

EEC stands for Escuela de Español y Cultura Latinoamerica which means Spanish and Latin-American culture School. We offer personalized Spanish Courses for university graduates and students.

EEC Spanish School Professors are all professionals of the best quality, native speakers with a university degree. EEC's courses enable the students to learn spanish and also about Latin-American culture, habits and traditions.

Study Spanish Abroad at EEC Spanish School (Peru) and learn to deal effectively with Latinos in different arenas, from conducting international businesses to ordering properly in a restaurant. We also prepare you to obtain the only internationally valid diploma in Spanish, the DELE.

EEC Spanish School in Peru


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